What is my sending email limitations?

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Getting trouble in sending my Newsletter?

Are you facing trouble in sending Newsletter?

First let troubleshoot the problems

    • Does your current sending methods works properly?

If you have selected PHP mail function as your email sending method (which we don’t recommend) check whether it works properly in few simple steps

      1. Log out from your WordPress site.
      2. Click on “lost your password” in your login page of WordPress.

If you receive a password reset email (if not check in spam) then your PHP mail function is working properly.

If you have not received an email then your host might be blocking your email due to the following reasons (please look at the next troubleshoot)

    • Do you follow the frequency limits?

If you have crossed the frequency limits of sending email provided by the default sending method.

If you have selected SMTP as your sending method then be careful to send emails as per the frequency limits set by your third party. Because sometimes the host company will cancel your handshake with them if you exceeds frequency limit set by them.

    • Getting an error message?

It can be because of the following reasons,

  1. You are using local server (local host).
  2. Your email limits have been exceeded.
  3. Your SMTP connection accessibility has failed.
  4. You have used long subject.

Still if you find an error while sending email increase your server memory execution time.

Try to TEST (for example) before you send Newsletter to your subscribers.

What happens if I exceeds sending email limitations to my subscribers?

If you try to send more emails than the limits given by SMTP it leads to stops sending emails after the maximum limit reached. But still it shows Ultimate Newsletter that emails have been successfully sent to your subscriber which will be wrong information. Sometimes the host company will cancel your handshake with them if you exceeds frequency limit set by them. So try to avoid send emails/newsletter more than the frequency limit provided by SMTP.

How do I find my newsletter have been sent to subscribers?

After sending your newsletter you can check the percentages of how many of your subscribers have received, opened and clicked on newsletter sent by you.


Can I send multiple post to my subscribers?

Off course you can send multiple post to your subscribers. It forms a queue until the previous post sent to subscribers. But be careful of your sending email limits not to exceed.

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