First let us show you how to Airmail Newsletter

There are two ways you can express your Newsletter

Send by:

  • WordPress
  • SMTP

Express Newsletter through WordPress

The simplest way to send mails can be done with WordPress and it’s the default mailing method in every component. It’s the fastest and just has the normal function like an ordinary email system. WordPress mail is achieved by implementing the PHP mail functions.

Express Newsletter through SMTP

What is SMTP?

SMTP stands for “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol” which is used in sending and receiving email from one email server to another in a very secure way.

When it comes to SMTP mailing the first thing is, we are assured by security. It is the internet standard for e-mail transmission.

Read more at Wikipedia article

Okey, So What’s The Best Sending Methods?

We strongly recommend sending using SMTP..!!!

  • SMTP is better than the PHP mail functions.
  • It provides a secure authenticated IP address hence it increase the number of deliverability rate.
  • It avoids your newsletter to drop in spam.
  • SMTP authentication, which is required by many mail servers.
  • SMTP server is not listed in one of the many DNS-based blacklists.
  • Web application is more flexible in Simple Message Transfer Protocol (SMTP). This way your e-mail function is not limited to the servers port or e-mail configuration anymore.
  • SMTP is much more powerful and secure (using SSL)

Why We Don’t Recommend Sending ThroughWordPress?

  • The most common reason is because some of the hosting company may have strict email configuration settings which will restrict the limitations of emails sent out to your subscribers by your WordPress site. WordPress is using PHP mail functions. These problems can be avoided by using SMTP. With SMTP, companies and organizers may opt to have a dedicated server to handle outgoing email messages.
  • There is chances of corrupt your newsletter easily by the spammers and your email may not send properly to the subscribers and it drops your email in the spam or blacklist in your subscribers email.
  • Several limitations when using PHP mail.
  • Not suitable for large applications: Hard to maintain since it is not very modular.
  • Weak type: Implicit conversion may surprise unwary programmers and lead to unexpected bugs. For example, the strings "1000" and "1e3" compare equal because they are implicitly cast to floating point numbers.
  • PHP mail is said to garble headers and runs slowly.

Whether you host your own separate server or use a third-party service, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is the easiest method to have your web server interacts with an email server. Most of the third-party services have their own unique APIs, but they typically support SMTP.

We would recommend using SMTP at least until you find a service that you love. After that, you might want to integrate with them more tightly through an API to take advantage of some more advanced features or you may want to keep using SMTP to make it easier to switch to a different service in the future.

ULIMATE NEWSLETTER let you decide which method is needed for you. Choice is with you and we offer you great support and trust.

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