Shortcode is a WordPress-specific code that lets you do nifty things with very little effort. For more information on shortcodes in WordPress, see the codex about shortcode.

Available Shortcodes

Just insert one of the following shortcodes into any of your posts/pages.


Display events in table, gird or blog formats.


Display events calendar.


Display all the event categories.


Display all the event venues.

Note: There are few more shortcode options undocumentated here as they are only used for the plugin's own purpose.

Shortcode Attributes

Attributes add extra power to shortcodes. A typical usage of an attribute is, [shortcode attribute=value]

Example: [aec_events header=0]

header [aec_events] 1 (or) 0
Show or hide the "Events Count" and "Views" selector options above the events.
view [aec_events] table, grid (or) blog
Example: [aec_events view=blog]
category [aec_events] AEC CATEGORY ID

Example: [aec_events category=100]

This shortcode will display events only from the category of which id is 100.
venue [aec_events] AEC VENUE ID

Example: [aec_events venue=100]

This shortcode will display events only from the venue of which id is 100.
past_events [aec_events] 1 (or) 0
This attribute can be used to show only the upcoming events.
orderby [aec_events] title, date (or) event_start_date
Example: [aec_events orderby=event_start_date]
order [aec_events] asc (or) desc
Example: [aec_events order=asc]
limit [aec_events] A Numeric Value.
Used to limit the number of events to show.
pagination [aec_events] 1 (or) 0
Show or hide Pagination.

Note: A shortcode may contain multiple attributes.

Example: [aec_events orderby=event_start_date order=asc]

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