To edit the plugin settings, Go to your "Wordpress Admin panel => Another Events Calendar => Settings"

There are General settings, Pages settings, Advanced settings.

General Settings

In General settings you can do the following things flexibly,

Bootstrap Option to Enable / Disable the loading of bootstrap CSS and JAVASCRIPT Libraries.
Enable Tags Option to Enable / Disable Tags.
Enable Venues Option to Enable / Disable Venues.
Enable Organizers Option to Enable / Disable Organizers.
Show Comments Option to Enable / Disable Comments on your Events pages.
Show Past Events Option to Show / Hide Past Events on your Events pages.
Default Location Option to set a default event location (Country) here.

Calendar Page

View Options There are Monthly, Weekly, Daily views for Calendar page. You must select at least one view.
Default View Option to set the default view.
Show all days of Multi-day events When you enable this option, all days of a Multi-day event will be visible in the Calendar.

Event Archive Pages

View Options There are Table, Grid, and Blog views for Event pages. You must select at least one view.
Default View Option to set the default view..
Order Events by Order Events either by its Title / Date posted / Start date of the Event.
Sort Events by Sort Events either Ascending / Descending.
Number of Columns (Grid view only) Set any number of columns for Grid view to display your Events.
Number of Events to show per page Enter the maximum number of Events to show per page.

Categories Page

Order categories by Order categories either by its ID / Count / Name / Slug.
Sort categories by Sort Categories either Ascending / Descending.
Show Events Count next to Category name Option to Show / Hide Events count next to the category name.
Hide Empty Categories Option to hide the categories which have no Events.

Pages Settings

During the plugin activation, "Another Events Calendar" will add some pages dynamically to your site those are neccessary for the functional flow of the plugin. You can change those pages under this section. Please don't change these settings unless neccessary. Mis-configuration of these settings may break the plugin form working correctly. So, care must be taken while editing the settings under this section.

Advanced Settings

Permalink Settings

Single Event URL Slug A typical single event page will include the alias 'aec_events' in it's URL. We know this is ugly and you can change this using this field. The value entered in this field must be a string and should be unique. Avoid using generic terms like 'events', 'event', etc.. and this may lead conflict with other pages those use the same slug. So, care must be taken while editing this field.
Example URL :

Currency Settings

Currency Currency value to display with your Event prices.
Currency Position Location of the currency sign.
Thousands Separator The symbol (usually , or .) to separate thousands.
Decimal Separator The symbol (usually , or .) to separate decimal points.

Map Settings

Enable Google Maps Option to Enable Google Maps.
Default Zoom Level Option to control the Map Zoom level.
0 = zoomed out; 21 = zoomed in

Social-share Settings

Enable Services Option to Enable / Disable social media services. The available social media services are "Facebook", "Twitter", "G+", "LinkedIn" and "Pinterest".
Show in Pages Option to control the display of social media services by pages ("Categories","Event Achieves", "Event detail page").

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