Event Organizer is the person who plans and executes the event, taking responsibility for whole Span of your Events. Organizers can also be listed in Front End of your site.

Site administrators can add or manage organizers under,

"Wordpress Admin panel => Another Events Calendar => Organizers"

Allow Users to add their Organizers from site front-end

If you have front end event submission enabled, then your users can add organizers for their events in the same event form. But, there are cases, your users may like to change their organizer details like "Phone Number", "Email Address", etc... and this cannot be done using the same event form after submitted. This can be solved by giving access to your users to edit their own organizers. You just need to add the following page from "WordPress Admin Panel => Pages" to get this done.

  • Manage Organizers

Organizer form fields explained

Organizer Name Enter Organizer Name
Description Add Description about Organizer
Organizer Details Organizer’s details like, Phone, Website and Email
Featured Image Set Profile Image for Organizer
Publish Publish Organizer

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