Site administrators can add or manage events under,

"Wordpress Admin panel => Another Events Calendar"

"Another Events Calendar" uses Custom Post Type called "aec_events". So, the back-end admin section just looks like the standard WordPress "posts" section. So, you shouldn't have trouble submitting/managing events from back-end as an admin.

Add or manage events from Site Front End

Starting from 1.5.0 version, "Another Events Calendar" plugin can be used to add events from your site front-end.

To accept events from your users, you need to add the following pages as menu items. You can find these pages under your "WordPress Admin Panel => Pages => All Pages".

  • Add New Event
  • Manage Events

"Manage Events" page

As the name implies, this page allows your users to add new events, edit or delete their existing events, etc... 

"Add New Event" page

This is the form page through which your users will add their events. When the form is filled and submitted, users will be redirected automatically to the "Manage Events" page. The "Manage Events" page allows the user to edit the event details or delete the event completely.

The following section describes each field available in the event form,

Title Your Event Title
Description Your Event Description
Time & Date Event Start & End DateTime
Event Cost Cost of your Event
Select Venue Venue in where your Event occurs. You can create a new venue or select from existing venues.
Select Organizers Event Organizers. You can add new organizers or select from existing organizers.
Categories Categories the Event belongs to. You can add new categories or select from the existing categories.
Tags Tag your events with some keywords. You can add new tags or select from the existing tags.
Featured Image Set Image / Theme for your Event

[+] other general post options.

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