Modules allow you to display certain elements on your site in key areas around the template. "WhatsApp Button" module is used to add the "WhatsApp Share Button" in your module position.

This page assumes that you have basic idea about Joomla! modules and how to use them. So, this section focuses only on describing the module properties. If you're a Joomla! Beginner, we recommend reading before getting further into this document page.

"WhatsApp Button" is installed together with the and it’s already available under Extensions => Module Manager.

Module properties

Button Size Size of the button. Possible options are,
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
Button Text Text that must be displayed in the button element. Share this on WhatsApp
Sharing Text Text that must be prepended before the link which is shared. Take a look at this awesome website:
Custom URL Custom URL to share. Leave this blank to allow the system to share the current page URL