Yendif Login for Joomla

Yendif Login module is alternate Joomla! login module that allows registration from social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google by the easiest way.

Category Joomla
Supported CMS Versions
Product Version 1.1.0


Ajax login and registration

An alternative for default Joomla login and registration system with Ajax and let your users login and register from anywhere. We bet to you that it is best of its kind. Now simply modernize the login and registration on your website with our module in just few seconds. Just activate the plugin and feel the difference.

Social Login

Instead of using the default Joomla! registration form, users can create accounts & login within seconds using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and GMail. After registering using your social networking account, the users will receive a mail with the username & password using which he/she can login to the site using Joomla's standard Login form next time. This is just an additional access and the user can still login to the site using the social login option through which he registered to the site.

Display options

  • You can configure to either open the login or register form in a popup or display the form directly in the module position.
  • Can change Header color , Text color, Form background color, Button color, Button text color using the Form styling options
  • Ability to add your custom CSS and customize the feel & look of the form using Custom CSS option in the module admin

100% responsive

Due to the growth of smartphones and other mobile devices, Responsive design has become one of the hottest trends in 2013. Yendif Login can work in both responsive & non-responsive layouts

Other features

  • Support ReCaptcha with nice custom theme
  • Log-in/Log-out Redirection Page options
  • Show profile page link and Logout button after login in drop-down.