Book events here. You can also customize the booking form using Custom fields option. You can add the custom fields to the events and mandatory and optional fields can also be set by yourself. Different custom fields for different events can be set depending upon the events.

  • Login to your Joomla admin
  • Go to Components => Yendif Events => Bookings.

The table below lists all the available options inside the Yendif Events Bookings form.

Billing Information

User Select user under whose login, you wish to book event.
Select Event Select event to which you book for.
No. of attendees Set number of members you book for an event. For example if you enter 2 , two forms will be loaded to enter the Member details.
First name Enter your first name. (Optional)
Last name Enter your last name. (Optional)
Organization Enter the organization name. (Optional)
Address Enter your address. (Optional)
City Enter your city. (Optional)
State Enter your state. (Optional)
Country Enter your country. (Optional)
Zip Code Postal code of your location. (Optional)
Phone Enter your phone number. (Optional)
Fax Enter Fax number. (Optional)
Email Enter your e-mail id. (Optional)
Comment Comment on a booked event. (Optional)

Payment Details

Amount Enter event amount.
Discount Amount Enter discount amount offered for an event.
Tax Amount Tax amount for an event.
Total Amount Total amount to be paid.
Coupon Select coupon offered for this event.
Paid Amount Amount paid by user.
Payment Method Payment method used for transaction (Paypal/Offline).
Transaction Id Transaction id for the payment made.
Status Set the status of the payment.

Similarly, user can book events in front end either Individual or Group Booking by filing the above form.