Create your own Language Pack for Yendif Events

This article describes how to create translation for "Yendif Events" component. As example we are going to use our English language pack and translate it to French by doing some little modifications.

  1. Download

    The package name itself describes that the language is English. Basically joomla! follow a standard language naming convention [xx-XX] which is made of [iso639 language code]-[iso3166 country code]

    So, "en-GB" in our package name represent English language of United Kingdom. Since we are going to create a translation for French, our language tag would be "fr-FR".

    Note : Kindly use appropriate language tag to which you transtale the component.

  2. Extract the downloaded zip file.

    You should get the following file structure,

    • index.html
    • administrator/en-GB.com_yendifevents.ini
    • administrator/en-GB.com_yendifevents.sys.ini
    • site/en-GB.com_yendifevents.ini
    • site/en-GB.mod_yendifevents.ini
    • site/en-GB.mod_yendifevents_calendar.ini
    • site/en-GB.mod_yendifevents_categories.ini
    • site/en-GB.mod_yendifevents_map.ini
    • site/en-GB.mod_yendifevents_search.ini
    • site/en-GB.mod_yendifevents_venues.ini
    • install.xml
  3. Open install.xml in your favorite Text editor.
  4. Search for "en-GB" in the whole document and replace them as "fr-FR".
  5. Edit the "description" tag as "French language pack for Yendif Events."
  6. That's it. Save the file. We have prepared the install.xml file for French.
  7. Now, open "administrator" folder and rename "en-GB" to "fr-FR" in all filenames.
  8. Then open fr-FR.com_yendifevents.ini file in your Text editor. Please remember all .ini files should be saved as UTF-8 without BOM encoding.

    You can see that each line from the file consists of a pair of strings separated by an equals sign like this,


    where "KEY" is a string to be translated and "Value" is the translated string. For example,

    COM_YENDIFEVENTS="Yendif Events"

    What all you need is, just replace the string after the (=) sign in to your own French string. For example,

    COM_YENDIFEVENTS="Your French String"

  9. Kindly follow the same in all .ini files and other "site" folder too.
  10. That's it. Finally compress the package into ZIP file called (in our example the package will name as Now the translation is ready and can be installed via standard Joomla! installation procedure.
  11. Congrats! you have translated the component to your language. Kindly mail the translated version to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. So, we will add it to the site for public use.
  12. Thanks for your Contribution !!!