Yendif Events is a top-of-the-line event registration and management plugin for Joomla. It allows you to create both free and paid events, allow bookers to book for these events (Individual or Group) and process payments via online.


Before installing Yendif Events, please ensure your Joomla installation meets the following requirements:

  • Joomla 3.X
  • PHP 5.3 or higher

Installing Yendif Events

The installation of all Yendif Events is the same as other Joomla extensions and can be done through the Joomla extension manager.

When you purchase Yendif Events extension from our site, you will receive an email containing the extension in a zip file called Follow the instructions below and you will be able to install the extension easily.

  • Login to back-end of your site
  • Go to Extensions => install/uninstall menu item
  • Browse for the file
  • Click on Upload and Install button

What had been installed?

When you finish the installation process, the component, modules and all the plugins come with the extension will be installed automatically to your site. The table below lists all the items were installed and the function of them.

Yendif Events component Component The main application.
mod_yendifevents Module A module to display upcoming, latest or particular category events in a module position on your site front-end.
mod_yendifevents_calendar Module Display mini calendar in a module position on your site. From this module, users can see what dates have and click on to see the events from that date. If the date only has an event, clicking on the date will bring users to event detail page.
mod_yendifevents_categories Module Display all top-level categories or sub-categories from the selected category in a module position on your site. Users can then click on a category to see all events from that category.
mod_yendifevents_venues Module Display list of venues in a module position on your site. Users can click on a venue to see all events from that venue.
mod_yendifevents_search Module A module to search events through Event Title, Event Category and Event Venues.
mod_yendifevents_map Module A module to display Google map and highlight the event venues.
Paypal Plugin A plugin to process Paypal payments.
Offline(Bank Transfer) Plugin A plugin to process offline payments.

What next?

Go to Components => Yendif Events. You would see several sub-menus related to the component as listed below,

DASHBOARD : Index page of the extension, contains shortcuts for adding categories, events, venues, etc … Additionally, this page lists the last added events, venues and bookings made finally and lot more.

CATEGORIES : Menu in where you can create, edit and delete Categories.

EVENTS : Menu in where you can create, edit and delete Events.

VENUES : Menu in where you can create, edit and delete Venues.

CUSTOM FIELDS : Menu in where you can create fields for booking forms.

COUPONS : Menu in where you can create discount coupons for your events.

BOOKINGS : Menu in where you can manage bookings made for the event.

WAITING LISTS : Menu in where you can manage waiting-list bookers.

WITHDRAWAL REQUESTS[beta] : Menu in where you can handle Money Withdrawal Requests from the Event Owners.

MAILS & MESSAGES : Menu in where you can customize the mail contents as well as the messages (Thank you, Warning, Success, etc …) used by the extension in site front-end.

GLOBAL CONFIGURATION : Menu which contains the settings related to the extension.

STEP 1: Configuration

Access Path: Components => Yendif Events => Global Configuration

After installing the extension, the first step is change the configuration data. During the first installation, the extension itself will generate the default configuration data suitable for most users. You can change those settings here to meet your purpose. Read more

STEP 2: Adding Categories

Access Path: Components => Yendif Events => Categories

Categories help you to quickly organize events in groups. So, the next important and mandatory step is to create a category for your event. Yendif Events allows you to create unlimited number of categories and sub-categories (nested categories). Read more

STEP 3: Adding Venues

Access Path: Components => Yendif Events => Venues

This is an optional but needed step. Here you can add the venue (location/address/map) in where your event occurs. Then, you can use this venue when adding events.

We display this venue address in the event detail page (site front-end). Read more

STEP 4: Adding Events

Access Path: Components => Yendif Events => Events

Add your events here. Read more

STEP 5: Configure Booking Fields

Access Path: Components => Yendif Events => Custom Fields

Here, we create or configure the form fields (Textbox, Text area, Dropdown, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Date Picker) to your event’s booking form (individual or group). So, we can collect necessary information from the user when booking to your event.

You can configure FEE amounts for the field types like Textbox, Dropdown, Checkboxes, & Radio Button. This helps you to set additional payments for the event. For example: Lunch Fee, T-shirt Gift, etc …

Fields can be created for a particular event or for all events. In future, we have planned to provide an option to configure this based on categories. Read more

STEP 6: Configure Payment Plugins

Avoid this step if you’re only running FREE events.

Access Path: Extensions => Plugin Manager [group=yendifevents]

At present, Yendif events support 2 Payment options,

  • PayPal
  • Offline (Bank transfer)

Our next immediate version will have the following Payment plugins,

  • 2CO
  • PesaPal

Read more

STEP 7: Setup Discount Coupons

Access Path: Components => Yendif Events => Coupons

Optional. Create Discount Coupons for your event. Read more

STEP 8: Show Events in site front-end

Finally, we have to create a menu and show the events in site front-end. So, that the users can see and book. Read more

STEP 9: Configure User menus

Yendif Events have several menu layouts for users. You can add them to your Joomla user menu based on your need.

  • My Venues : Venues dashboard in where the site users can manage (add, edit or delete) their venues.
  • My Events : Events dashboard in where the site users can manage (add, edit, delete, Download Bookers list as CSV, etc …) their events.
  • My Bookings : Bookings dashboard in where the event bookers can manage (Cancel Bookings, Download PDF Invoice, etc …) their event bookings.
  • My Withdrawal Requests : Dashboard in where the event owners (Paid events only) can send request for money withdrawal to the site owners.

STEP 10: Manage Bookings

Access Path: Components => Yendif Events => Bookings

Admin can manage (add, edit, cancel, modify, etc …) the event bookings through the Bookings menu of the component back-end. Read more

Still having issues? You can either post your query in our forum section or mail directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All your queries will be replied within 24 hrs.