Generally, Users search for an event - by event title or by category or by venue. So, it is mandatory to add the location of the event to be conducted.

Go to “My Venues” => Add new venue.

Name   Name of the Venue.
Address   Required. Address in where the event occurs.
City   Required. City in where the event occurs
State   Required. State or Region in where the event occurs.
Country   Required. Country in where the event occurs.
Zip Code   Optional. Postal code of the event location.
Phone   Optional.
Email   Optional.
Website   Optional.
Language All Language of the venue.
Global Location Yes, No When set to “Yes”, any user will be able to use this venue in event adding forms, but not able to edit it still. When set to “No”, only this venue owner can use this venue in event adding forms.
Publish Yes, No Publication Status.
Map   The system automatically configures the map based on your Address, City, State, Country and Zip Code values. You may also configure the map on your own by adjusting marker.