You can create events in front end by using options in “Add Events Form”.

  • Login to Front End.
  • Go to “My Events” menu => “Add New Event”.
  • Now fill in the form and save it.

The table below lists all the available options inside the Yendif Events form.


Event Start Date Event Start Date with Time.

Title   Event Title.
Category   Category to which the event belongs to.
Venue   Venue in where the event occurs.
Image   Image for the event.
Capacity 0 Set maximum bookers for this event. Leave this empty or enter zero (0) for unlimited.
Event End Date   Event End Date with Time.
Cut Off Date   After this date, users can no longer book for this event.
Cancel Booking   Allow or Disallow bookers to cancel their bookings.
Last Date to Cancel   Last Date to Cancel
Booking Types
  • Individual
  • Group
  • Both
  • None
Maximum Group Size 0 Set maximum attendees allowed per group booking for this event. Leave this empty or enter zero (0) for unlimited.
View Access   The access level group that is allowed to view this event.
Booking Access   The access level group that is allowed to book for this event.
Language All Language of the event.
Description   Description for the event.
Notification Emails   “Emails IDs” to which the emails are sent when a booking is made, cancelled, etc … By default, the extension uses the “Email ID” from the Component’s “Global configuration” menu. You can override this from here.
Attach file to thank you email   Select a file if you want the system to send file attachment to bookers automatically after they book for event.
Terms & Conditions   Terms and Conditions article page link for this event. You must enable “Enable Terms and Conditions” and “Enable Terms and Conditions by Event” options from Components => Yendif Events => Global configuration in order to use this feature.
Publish Yes, No Publication Status.

Recurring Settings

Repeat Type
  • No Repeat
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
No Repeat Not a recurring event.
Daily Repeat Every [X] Days. X = Numbers starting from 1.
Weekly Repeat Every X Weeks On Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri and Sat.
Monthly Repeat Every [X] Months On Days like [1, 2, 3, …]
Repeat Until
  • Occurrences
  • Date
Create recurring events for [X] Occurrences (or) Create recurring events until the Date added.

Discounts & Prices

Individual Booking Rate 0.00 Leave empty for FREE events.
Group Booking Rates 0.00 Optional.
Early Bird Discount 0.00% Using this option, you can force your users to book for your event earlier by providing some discount for particular period of time. The discount can be a flat amount (e.g. 50 USD) or in percentage (e.g. 50%).
Early Bird Discount Deadline Date The date after which the discount ends. Leave bank to keep this discount for ever.
Allow Deposits Yes, No You must enable “Enable Deposits” option from Components => Yendif Events => Global configuration in order to use this feature. When enabled, the booker can make partial payments and pay the remaining amount directly when attending the event. Bookings made with this type are marked as “Status = Deposited” and the Due amount is mentioned in the Exported Bookers list.
Deposit Amount 0.00% Minimum deposit amount allowed to book for this event. The deposit can be a flat amount (e.g. 50 USD ) or in percentage (e.g. 50%).


Meta Keywords An optional comma-separated list of keywords and/or phrases to be used in the HTML output.

Meta Description   An optional paragraph to be used as the description of the page in the HTML output. This will generally display in the results of search engines.

After filling the form just save it. That’s it. You have created an event.