Guest bookings are especially important for first-time customers. Online booking requires trust, and customers often do not want to share all their contact information the first time they visit a website. Forcing users to sign up for an account on the website decreases conversion rates. This is especially true if users are in a hurry or browsing from a mobile device.

How to set-up guest booking?

It’s very simple. Follow the steps below to enable guest booking.

  • Login to your Joomla admin.
  • Select Components => Yendif Events => Global configuration => General [tab]
  • Find the config option "Default booking access" and select "Public".
  • That's it. Save the changes.

Now, your users can book events as a guest and also as a registered user.

Note: You still have option to overwrite this "Booking access" for each event in their own form.

How does it work?

Let’s say, a user book a "Free event" in your website as guest. Once he booked the event, he will be receiving an activation link to the email-id which he entered in the booking form. Now, he must click on the activation link, to confirm his booking. And an important note is that: he must confirm his booking, before the available seats gets closed. In case, if the user clicks the activation link, when available seats is 0 (zero), then will be displayed a message as follows and he cannot book that event further.



Sorry, Bookings are closed for this event.



Similarly, let’s say a user book a "Free" event as a guest. As we discussed earlier, he will be receiving an activation link to confirm his booking. But, in this case, if the user tries to book again for the same event with same e-mail id, he cannot book it. He will be displayed with a warning message as follows:



Sorry, you cannot book for this event now. You already have booked for this event and we have sent an activation link to your Email ID. Kindly confirm your previous booking to book again.

So, he must confirm his previous booking, to book the same event further.

Important Note : Users need to confirm their booking only if they book a Free event or any paid event event using our "Offline payment" method as guest. This confirmation step is necessary to avoid spam bookings. Bookings with payments are automatically confirmed once the payment has been received.

Upcoming improvements

Our next version will give bookers the choice to register for an account immediately after booking in your website for first time.