This document page assumes that you have created an event category, added your event venue and added your event and also configured the discount coupons if applicable. Now, this is the time to configure the booking forms for your event. So, you can collect necessary information from the bookers.

The standard booking form only has the following fields.

  • User(Booker)
  • Event
  • No of Attendees
  • Amount
  • Discount Amount
  • Tax Amount
  • Total Amount
  • Coupon
  • Paid Amount
  • Payment Method
  • Transaction ID
  • Status

But, you may like to collect some more additional information from the bookers like “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Email ID”, “Address”, etc...

Also, you may like to collect some information from each member from the Group Booking like each member’s “Gender”, “Age”, etc…

Also, you would like set some additional Fee options that works based on the member or the whole. For example, you may like to collect additional fee for “Lunch | Dinner”, “Car Parking”, and “Gifts”, etc…

This is the section which helps you to do all this. This section helps you to create custom fields and assign to your Booking forms. You can create the fields for a particular event, booking types (Individual or Group) and assign it only to the Billing forms or the Member forms or the both.

  • Login to your Joomla admin
  • Select "Components => Yendif Events => Custom Fields"
  • You can Add/Edit/Delete Events here

The table below lists all the available options inside the Yendif Events Custom Fields form.


Label   Field Label.
Field Type
  • Textbox
  • Text area
  • Dropdown
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio Buttons
  • Date Picker
Select the field type you like to add.
Default Values   Default values to be selected or added when displaying this field in booking forms. This would be a “Text area” for fields like “Dropdown”, “Checkboxes” and “Radio Buttons”. You will have to add each option in one line.
Add Fee Yes, No Fee can be configured for fields like “Textbox”, “Dropdown”, “Checkboxes” and “Radio Buttons”. Select “Yes” to configure the fee amounts.
Fee Formula Use [FIELD_VALUE] and math operator: +, -, *, / to calculate fee value for this field Applicable only for “Textbox” when “Add Fee” option is enabled. Useful when you like to add Adult, Child Pricing options for your event.
Fee Values   Applicable for “Dropdown”, “Checkboxes” and “Radio Buttons”. This would be a “Text area” and you will to have to add each Fee amount in one line. The line count should match the “Values” field.
Description   Description for the field. Description added here will be displayed below this field in booking forms. So, the users can better understand about this field.
Placeholder   A general “Placeholder” content. Displayed in the field when it is empty.
Custom CSS Styles font-weight: bold; color: red; You can write custom styles here. Styles added here will be added to the “Style” attribute of this field.
Custom Class Names Input-large required validate-email You can write your custom class names here.
Extra Attributes    
Select Events    
Booking Types    
Group Access    
Required Yes, No  
Publish Yes, No Publication Status.
Language All