1. Installation

When you purchase Yendif Responsive Menu extension from our site, you will receive an email contain the extension in a zip file called yendif_responsive_menu_1.0.0.zip. Follow the instructions below and you will be able to install the extension easily

The installation process is simple:

  • Login to back-end of your site
  • Access to Extensions=>install/uninstall menu item
  • Browse for the file yendif_responsive_menu_1.0.0.zip
  • Click on Upload and Install button

2. What next?

After installing the Yendif Responsive Menu package, you just need to configure and activate the Yendif Responsive Menu Module under Extensions => Modules Manager. The table below lists all the Yendif Responsive Menu Module parameters and the function of them.

Module parameters

Basic Parameters
Menu Type Select 'menu type' from which the menu should be build.
Select Menu Select the Menu you want to use
Start Level Level to start rendering the menu at. Setting the start and end levels to the same # and setting 'Show Sub-menu Items' to yes will only display that single level
End Level Level to stop rendering the menu at. If you choose 'All', all levels will be shown depending on 'Show Sub-menu Items' setting
Default Itemid Default Itemid to be used when the active page doesn't contain any 'Itemid' input. This feature in not applicable for 'Menu Type = Joomla - Menu Manager'
Menu Styling Options
Display Type Display Type
RTL Menu Layout If you are using any RTL language, turn this on.
Show Sub-menu Expand the menu and make its sub-menu items always visible
Show Sub-menu On Show Sub-menu On
Show Dropdown Icon Show Dropdown Icon
Menu item width Menu item width
Font Size Font Size
Custom CSS Overwrite module's css styles using your custom css code.
Menu top color Menu top color.
Menu bottom color Menu bottom color.
Menu border color Menu border color.
Menu text color Menu text color.
Active menu top color Active menu top color.
Active menu bottom color Active menu bottom color.
Active menu text color Active menu text color.
Menu divider Menu divider.
Menu border radius Menu border radius.
Sub-menu top color Sub-menu top color.
Sub-menu bottom color Sub-menu bottom color.
Sub-menu border color Sub-menu border color.
Sub-menu text color Sub-menu text color.
Sub-menu active top color Sub-menu active top color.
Sub-menu active bottom color Sub-menu active bottom color.
Sub-menu active text color Sub-menu active text color.
Sub-menu divider Sub-menu divider.
Sub-menu border radius Sub-menu border radius.
Max Mobile Width Max width where the mobile view shall be displayed. Above that desktop view shall be used. value in pixels.
Toggle Menu Show or hide menu toggler in mobile devices.